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Custom Decks Custom Decks Custom Decks Custom Decks Custom Decks Custom Decks

Custom Decks

Custom Decks: Decks are one of the few things that can add great value to your home. It’s a very cost effective way to add value to your home but more importantly it adds beauty, functionality and outdoor living space to your home.

Hybrid deck: hybrid decks are becoming more and more popular. Hybrid decks are decks that use both composite materials and wood. This is a great way to gain some of the aesthetic beauty of wood and still have very minimal maintenance. Hybrid decks can be much more cost effective and with minimal maintenance can last for many years.

Cedar decks: Cedar decks are a great way to get more bang for your buck. Cedar is absolutely beautiful but requires some maintenance. Are cedar decks are constructed of western red cedar which is absolutely beautiful and aeromatic it is also known for its resistance to rot and moisture Cedar decks do require some maintenance to seal the wood but can look beautiful for many years to come.  

Tropical hardwood decks: Tropical hardwoods are an excellent option also. We typically use ipe for are tropical hardwood decks. Ipe is a beautiful hardwood with many unique characteristics. It’s moisture resistant and much more dense than cedar. Ipe also needs to be maintained every few years. Boards typically come in a variety of lengths so it can be laid similiar to hardwood flooring and it give it deck a very unique look.

Maintenance free decks: Maintenance free decks are among the most popular options for homeowners as they do not need any sealing or staining. While not as cost effective as cedar your investment will last a lifetime. Maintenance free decking and Railing come in a multitude of options when it comes to color and style. This durable and easy to maintain option is among the top choices for today’s homeowners.

We specialize in custom decks

We offer three types of Deck Construction including; Cedar Decks, Hybrid Decks and maintenance free decks. We only use the best in materials to give you an amazing look to your outdoor living space.

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